Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery


I always struggled with my weight as a child and was often bullied due to my shape ,I never felt comfortable in my own skin and when I found out I was pregnant at age 28 I worried even more. Due to a high risk pregnancy I was hospitalised for almost the entire duration of the pregnancy and was put on strict bed rest. The inevitable happened! I went up to nearly 16 stone! After the birth my weight yet again ballooned to nearly 18 stone. I tried many diets from healthy eating to meal replacements but nothing seemed to work so I began to research the possibilities of surgery. After researching various methods and speaking to people I decided that the gastric band was the best choice. I booked a consultation in Auralia Park West Clinic, who had been recommended by quite a few people and a close friend. The consultation was free and all my questions were answered with great detail which I found very helpful. The weight loss surgery coordinator was brilliant. Any time I rang they were more than happy to answer my queries no matter how small they were. I had my band fitted in January 2012 (18 stone). November 22 2012, I now weigh 10 stone 9lbs!!

My life has changed so much since having the surgery. I had early signs of sleep apnoea, I couldn’t walk up my stairs without breaking into a sweat and being out of breath, I felt uncomfortable going out, I had no control whatsoever when it came to eating, I had no energy and I was constantly tired. That has all totally disappeared since losing the weight and I feel great. I don’t need to worry about the portion size of meals anymore. Before surgery I couldn’t understand how I wouldn’t feel hungry all of the time but I feel full after eating a small meal and feel as though I literally cannot fit another thing in! My number one passion is horses which I can now ride without having to stop after 10mins due to lack of energy, breath or pain! Having my gastric band surgery with Auralia is the best decision I have ever made. The after-care provided has helped me so much. I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I feel more confident in myself and I have great support from the staff at Auralia Park West Clinic. Whenever I need it all I have to do is pick up the phone or drop in. Dave and Sarah, my weight loss coordinators, have been brilliant and ring often to see how things are going, it’s great knowing I have the support behind me.

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